Vandal-proof stainless steel multifunctional washbasin, front mounting SLUN 70P

Dear customers,

We´re glad to present you our new multifunctional unit SLUN 70P for recessed wall installation. With this product, we extend already existing multifunctional unit SLUN 70H for installation through service room. Also, SLUN 70P contains recessed wash basin, soap dispenser, water tap and hand dryer. The soap refill and basic service are done through the front service doors with lock. Individual parameters like soap and water quantity or hand drying duration can be adjusted by remote control SLD 07 (not a part of delivery). Thanks to Piezo technology and high-quality stainless steel, is this product suitable for all public spaces, but it fits well also in the minimalist or design toilets.

Your´s Sanela team

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